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Brennand’s Endowed CE Primary School Slaidburn

Years 5-6

Friday 5th March


We've made it! Hopefully this will be the last day of videos and working from home that we will have to do for a very long time. A big well done to all of you for working so hard at home.

Today there are maths and english videos loaded onto the resource centre and linked worksheets are attached below.

English today is based around a Pobble 365 activity about a cat and in maths you are looking at comparing fractions.


Hope you have a good day, 

Mrs Hough

Thursday 4th March


Good morning - in preparation for your return, I have ordered a set of yoga mats so that we can continue with our relaxing yoga sessions  when we are all together.


For maths and english today, videos are uploaded to the video resource centre and worksheets are attached below.

In maths we are looking at improper fractions and mixed numbers, changing one to the other and vice versa.

In english, you will need your notes from yesterday's lesson to help you create a poem about Lady Winter. Once you have created your poem, write it up neatly on the 'Winter themed' paper attached below and send it in to me.


I look forward to reading your creations,

Mrs Hough

Wednesday 3rd March


Good morning - I hope you will all be joining us for our Wednesdy yoga session this morning 9:00 - 9:30.


There are maths and english lessons uploaded onto the video resource centre and accompanying worksheets are attached below.

Maths is equivalent fractions revision - lots of practice throughout the video and then the worksheet to finish.

English is spellings practise, relative clause revision and a brainstorming exercise - ideas about Lady Winter.


Have a great day,

Mrs Hough


If you need any support or guidance, you can contact me via my school email:


Welcome to Years 5 - 6!


The classroom is a structured, informative learning environment where pupils begin to gain more independence and the ability to carry out personal research. Children are challenged to think independently and skills for learning are vital at this stage.  




The Junior class comprises of Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 pupils.Whilst Literacy, Numeracy, Science and ICT are a priority, the children enjoy a rich and diverse curriculum with a vast range of activities. The classroom is equipped with 16 Internet linked laptop computers and an Interactive Whiteboard which is incorporated into lessons every day. 

Upper KS2

For Maths links and Sing together audio please see our Year 3-4 page.