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Brennand’s Endowed CE Primary School Slaidburn

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Brennand’s Endowed CE Primary School Slaidburn

Years 1-2

Welcome to Year 1 - 2!



The children are taught in a mixed age class. In Key Stage 1; Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are taught together for some lessons. The Reception children work in their own year group during Maths and Literacy lessons and the Year 1 and Year 2 children are taught together. This can be a very positive experience and mixed age classes have many benefits. It gives the teacher the opportunity to meet individual needs regardless of their year group. There is class stability and continuity making transition in year groups easier.




 Our chosen themed topic runs through the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. We endeavour to make our classroom interesting and motivating, utilising the indoor and outdoor environment. We embrace learning outside the classroom and plan outdoor learning into many of our lessons.



We have been learning all about owls in literacy, so today in science we dissected  owl pellets. Our owl pellets were from barn owls. After examining them under magnifying glasses, we carefully pulled them apart. Inside them we found remains of fur and plenty of small bones. We quickly learnt how to identify jaw bones and skulls. 


Science  October 2019

Today in science KS1 were joined by preschool and reception. They shared their ideas about why so many wild and wonderful animals have special patterns on them. After wrapping up warm, we took our science lesson outside. The children a range of cardboard animals that they needed to hide around the school grounds. They decided that the best way to do this was to camouflage them and thought carefully about the colours they should use.