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Years 3-4

If there is a tomorrow when we are not together, there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we're apart....I'll always be with you.


Winnie the Pooh by AA Milne



Welcome to Years 3 - 4



Hello everybody,

It's lovely to see so many of you on our daily zoom get together and thank you to everybody who has sent in work. I know how hard you are working at home - so a big well done and keep it up.Get yourselves into a routine and do something everyday - but don't worry if you are working at a different pace to the rest of the class. Like I've said before it is more important that you stay keen to learn. So focus on what you have achieved and if you find yourself struggling then take a break and come back to your tasks refreshed.


This week in maths we are looking at different strategies to subtract. In literacy we are writing our stories. Check out opportunities to train like an astronaut by developing your own astronaut training exercise regime and investigate out how different types of exercise affects your heart rate. In history we will be looking at how life would have been for a child evacuee. Because of the snow, I am keeping the art club theme the same this week - so if you are feeling creative have a go at creating a piece of art about an animal.



Mrs Murray

Work for Friday 22nd January

Bit of a different day for you. I would like you to focus on completing your story today, so I am not setting you any maths. 


Yesterday we had the team in from Ribble Rivers Trust delivering 100 trout eggs for us to look after. Go to the video resource centre and watch their presentation. It is on the Y3/4 playlist in the video resource area. On Monday we will be writing a set of instructions about how to look after the trout, so it might be useful to make notes. Finally can you identify any heroes or villians amongst the animals? What do you think?


The team from Brockholes have been working hard on our forest school area, despite the awful weather. Have a look at the forest school pages for an update.


Mrs Murray

Maths 21.1.21

We are all going to take a look at multiples today. Then Y3, you will be answering questions about your x4 and x8 tables. Y4 you will continue to work on the ladder method to multiply but also consider when it would still be useful to use the grid method.

Maths 20.1.21

Today Y3 you will be considering which strategy to choose to solve subtraction problems. Y4 you will be having a go at the ladder method to multiply. Please note Y4, that I would like all of you to start on the green worksheet to make sure you are confident about using the method before trying anything on the gold sheet.

Maths 19.1.21

Today Y3 you will be looking at the counting up strategy (Frog) to help you subtract. Y4 you will continue to revise column subtraction.Go to the video resource centre for the lesson.

Maths 18.1.21

Today Y3 will be looking at counting cabk and adjusting to subtract 2 digit numbers and Y4 will be revising column methods. Y3 your individual tasks are on page 2 of the worksheets - scroll down for the answers. 

As ever, make sure you watch the lesson video first.

Maths 15.1.21

Today  we are thinking about how we can apply addition strategies, both mental and written to solving problems. Remember to stop the video to have a go at examples and rewind if you missed anything.

Maths 14.1.21

Today Y3 you are focussing on adding amounts of money and Y4 you can check out if you really understand the column method with some missing number calculations.Remember to stop the videos when you need to and to replay if you missed bits or want to make sure you understand it.



Maths 13.1.21

Today Y 3 will have a go at the compact column method alongside the expanded method. Y4 you will be adding amounts of money using the column method. Remember if you are using the expanded or compact method it is important that you set your work out neatly so that your PV columns line up.

Maths 12.1.21

We using PV to add and subtract mentally, but today we are moving on to column methods to add. Y4 you will be revising compact column methods and Y3 you will be introduced to expanded column methods. The lesson is uploaded in the resource area.


Most of your tasks for the week are in the document below. The answers are also in there. Check your answers as you go along. If you get an answer wrong, don't ignore it. Have another go and see if you can spot your mistake.

Monday 11th Maths

Y3 - after watching the video have a go at the mastery questions.

Y4 - Answers the questions on the worksheet, then you if you are feeling confident, have a go at your mastery questions.

Mastery questions for Y3 and 4 are on the powerpoint.

Answers Maths January 11th

Literacy 21.1.21

You should all be getting close to finishing the first draft of your story. Today we will explore what to look out for when editing and improving and revise some of the grammar we have covered this week.

Literacy 20.1.21

Today we will be finishing off the last part of your story. Don't worry if you are not quite at this stage yet, I know we work at different paces. However, don't be tempted to rush through. You will give yourself more work to do when you come to editing and improving your final piece. Watch the lesson video for ideas before starting. 


Before we continue writing our story, we are going to revise punctuating direct speech.Go to the video resource centre for the lesson. 

Literacy 18.1.21

Today we are making a start on writing the first draft of our story. Make sure you have got your plans handy and any other notes you might find useful.

Literacy 15.1.21

We are getting ready to write our own story which means spending sometime planning. I know many of you will want to plunge straight in, but it is worth making the effort to plan out your story. I have modelled my planning using a box plan. You can draw your own box plan up on any piece of paper. You might find it useful to stop the video at each section to make notes on your plan as you go along.


Literacy 14.1.21

Today we will be looking at adverbs and adverbials. I have also put some spellings up. Try and practice them every day.

Literacy 13.1.21

Do you know what a verb is? What verbs would you use to describe how a rat moves? Today you will watch a short film about rats and complie a word bank of powerful verbs to describe how they move.

Literacy 12th January

Today we are revising what nouns are and creating descriptive sentences using expanded noun phrases. The lesson is available in the resource centre.

Literacy 11th January

Today we will be reading another version of the Pied Piper by Robert Browning and comparing it to Michael Morpurgo's version. Watch the lesson video first before clicking on the links.


Thursday 7th literacy

Please click the link to watch the short video on discussion on BBC bitesize. Make sure you understand the difference between a summary (facts) and discussion (ideas and opinions). You do not have to complete the tasks suggested at the end of the video because I have something else I want you to do. Once you have watched this, go to the video resource centre for part two of the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

These are the words that you should be able to read and spell by the end of year 4. Keep practising them.