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Please join us every morning 9:00 - 9:30

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Science - Healthy Heroes

Fancy training like an astronaut? Then start at slide 9 and have a go at making your own astronaut training regime. Practise taking your pulse so that you can investigate how your heart rate changes with different types of exercise.

Brennand's Art club

Feeling creative? Well why not take part in our art club. Every week you will be set a theme and you can choose to draw, paint, print, collage to create your masterpiece.In fact the way you choose to create youe art is entirely up to you. Take a photo and share it with us - we would love to see it.


This week's theme is animals. Take a look at the powerpoint below for further details (from SLide 5) and look online at some famous portraits for inspiration.


You have a week to complete your work - submit by next Thursday 21st January.

History - WW2

This term our history project is linked to our topic on heroes and villains. We will start our project by researching key events in Churchill's life before moving on to look at heroic efforts made by the Home Front and the Women's Land Army.

Children working at home, you can follow these sessions and create your own project about WW2. In class today we researched the life of Winston Churchill and made a biographical fact file. We also considered why he was considered a hero during WW2 and discussed which of his quotes we found the most inspirational and why.


Session 1 - Who was Churchill?

Below are some links you will find useful when researching Churchill's life. Remember - some links might be more useful than others!


Session 2 - Heroic Home Front

Find out what people in Britain did to help the war effort.

Session 3 Life for an evacuee

Find out about why evacuation happened and what life would have been like for an evacuee. 


Code Club will run in school every Thursday afternoon - and you can join in by clicking the link below. Scroll down to the Scratch projects - choose a module and off you go! Younger/less confident children should start on module 1. Older children can start on another module. Work at your own pace, follow the instructions and have fun! 



Merit Assembly 4th December 2020

Y3/4 Bradley - imaginative words and phrases in his story and super presentation of work.

Y5/6 Poppie - for a super first person narrative and a beautifully presented non-chronological report.

Computing - reliability challenge

Look at the following websites about York and see if you can rank them from 1-3 according to how ‘reliable’ you think the information is. Choose one site for each ‘rank’ and convince me, with reasons, as to why they are reliable or not. 


Biomes of the World

Here are some useful sites to help you research your biomes.