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Brennand’s Endowed CE Primary School Slaidburn

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Brennand’s Endowed CE Primary School Slaidburn

Forest School

Look at this.......

A new addition to our Forest School area - fantastic storage area that will help us get oraganised when cooking and making things. Thank you Mr Duffield!

Sorting our pond out and one of our froggy residents!

Forest School summer 2021

We have come to the end of our Forest School year and it has been a busy one. The team from Brockholes returned a couple of weeks ago to clear the pond and plant some native speices around the edge of the pond. Hopefully this will make our pond area an even more attractive habitat for different species but we can confirm that we have frogs and newts happily living in it already.


Throughout the year we have used our Forest School area to play and learn and to celebrate a successful year, we had a fire and toasted marshmallows. In KS2 children set themselves the challenge of lighting fairy fires with flint and steel.


The children are already coming up with lots of ideas about the way they want to use the Forest School area next year. 





KS1 June 2021

KS2 June 2021

KS1 13.5.21 Aren't worms wonderful?

KS1 7.5.21 The Tale of Jeremy Fisher

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