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Brennand’s Endowed CE Primary School Slaidburn

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Brennand’s Endowed CE Primary School Slaidburn

Forest School

Welcome back to Forest School - Summer 2022

We have lots to look forward to over the next few weeks in Forest School and lots of opportunities to take our learning outside. The warmer weather has already had us amazed at how quickly plants and animals respond to the changes in the  seasons, and we will be using our sessions to support our learning in science (KS1) and history (KS2).


Our Facebook page is regulary updated - so take a look there if you would like to see what we have been up to. 



The Romans are coming  to KS2 .......

We have marched down to Forest School (dex, sin, dex, sin ......), made our Roman Camp, imagined what it would have been like lighting a fire and preparing a meal after a long 5 hour march and shared Roman myths to keep us entertained. There's more to come with a Roman campfire and cooking session and discovering if our ancient Roman clay oil lamps actually work!

Remus has been released!

Having reached a healthy weight, Justine, from Fuzzy Pegs Fostering brought Remus back to our Forest school and settled him into a shelter. Later that evening we opened the door and left Remus to explore. We haven't seen him since - which is a good sign. But we are keeping a close look out for evidence of him - yes- we have all turned into hedgehog poo detectives!

Have a look at children in KS1 and early years talking about the cafe they made for Remus. They have really thought about what he needs to keep him happy and healthy.

Meet Remus.....

Charlotte and Justine Whitaker from Fuzzy Peg Fostering brought Remus to visit the children in Forest School. The children learnt how to care for poorly hedgehogs and how important it is to look after these special animals, as sadly their numbers are in decline. Luckily for Remus, he is making great progress and as soon as he has put enough weight on, he will be released back into the wild. 


To our delight, we have found evidence of hedgehog activity in our Forest school - a lovely fresh hedgehog poo!

Getting Sticky KS1

KS1 Wild about animals

Getting Sticky KS2